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Live and New Cover Art
Introducing " Live and New"

We offer custom band configurations dependent on the needs of our clients.
Jazz: Supper/Standards
Jazz: Smooth/Kinda a Funky
Dance: Pop/R&B/Blues
"We Play Our Instruments"

Our First Recording
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Jazz Blues Influences

Our Second Recording
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Jazz Bossa Influences

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We prefer non-smoking, at least once per-week for several consecutive weeks for public performance bookings.
Group Configurations & Styles to Meet Customers Needs:
Jazz: Supper/Smooth/Soulful & Kind-a-Funky
Duo,Trio, Quartet and larger with Vocals:
Pop/R&B/Blues/ NeoSoul/Standards/Classics 
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Our Latest
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Fidelity Released 2012
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R&B Jazz Funk Influences

Soulful Jazzy Sounds
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Fidelity Group In Action!

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